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Meet the Founder, Artist Anderson


Artist Anderson is the founder of The Relationship & Marriage University also known as TRM-U.  Artist is also the founder of The Renaissance Movement, CEO of 4Ever Love LLC.  Artist is born and raised in Richmond, Va.   Artist attended and graduated from Virginia State University.  Artist would then enter into the field of business and entrepreneurship as a singer, rapper, producer, and song writer and eventually building his non-profit organization The Renaissance Movement.  Developing a passion to help people improve relationally, Artist has expanded his career, transitioning into the field of becoming a relationship consultant.  Artist is successfully married and as the founder of 4Ever Love his vision is to provide relationship education and consultation to the world as the company was born out of a recognition of a need in our communities. Being taught how to do almost everything in life from a child to adulthood except the very thing that we all must experience and function in from the moment we are born, that being how to effectively have successful relationships of all kinds, was a mystery he wanted to solve and Artist has a call to fill that void and provide the supply for the demand, that being relationship education.

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