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Our Mission


TRM-U, “Mastering My Relationships” is our motto and mission. The Relationships & Marriage University was created to help men and women pursue and cultivate healthy relationships.The Relationship & Marriage University has a mission to provide relationship education to the world.  We believe at TRM-U that relationships are the most important thing on the planet and that knowing how to successfully do relationship are of the utmost importance and priority in the life of everyone, even if they do not know it.  We all can agree that people need help learning to master successfully doing relationships.  We also can agree that relationship education can help a generation improve at singleness, dating, marriage, friendship, family, business, and more.  We aim to help people master all things relationships, which means mastering relationship components regarding, communication, trust, forgiveness, accountability, understanding, love, agreement, and more.  We believe relationships are the most important assets an individual can have.  So we encourage you to enroll at TRM-U and watch how you begin to "Master My Relationships".

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