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Frequently Asked Questions


What is TRM University? 

The Relationships & Marriage University was created to help men and women pursue and cultivate healthy relationships. TRM-U is a university that teaches relationship education.  TRM-U is designed to give affordable relationship education to the world from children to adults, via live seminars, course lessons, and more. The vision of TRM-U is to teach and train a generation on "Mastering My Relationships."

What Does Membership Subscription Provide

Membership offers you unlimited access to all seminars at no additional cost. 

Is TRM-U for singles?  

Yes, it is for singles.


Is TRM-U for people in a relationship?

Yes, it is for people in relationships.


Is TRM-U for married people?

Yes, it is for married people.

IsTRM-U for divorced people?

Yes, it is for divorced people.

Is the information taught applicable to other types of relationships such as business relationships or family relationships etc?  

Yes, the information and principles taught in these classes and courses are applicable across all relationships. 

How much is tuition?  

All classes are free, but we welcome donations. Feel free to donate on our donations page. 


Is tuition refundable?

There are no refunds, but you can cancel at anytime.

Is there a contract?  

There are no contracts.  Enrollment is month to month, but you may cancel at any time. 


When are classes?  

As of right now, seminars are first Sundays of each month. (check online because class times and days may vary)


What if I miss class?

As enrolled students you will have exclusive access to go back and watch any class you miss at any time with your login information. 

Can I attend the classes without enrolling month to month or annually?  

No, not at the current moment. 


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